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Understanding The Laws Of The Universe

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Have you ever wondered why people who earn a lot of money are not always smart and sometimes not even hard working? Ever wonder why even without a lot of brains and hard work they still manage to earn large sums of money? That is because the Laws of the Universe work equally well for the hard working as for the not so hard working; for the holy, as well as for the not so holy. Hitler used the Laws of the Universe to create a holocaust. Jesus used the Laws of the Universe to create a state of unconditional love and acceptance that still positively affects us today. And in like manner, you can use the Laws of the Universe to create financial freedom for you and your family.

The Laws of the Universe and money don’t discriminate between right and wrong or good and evil. As an example, take the physical Law of Gravity. If a holy man and an evil man both fell off a ten-story cliff, they would both fall to the ground. Ignorance of the Laws is no excuse either; just because someone was never taught how the Law of Gravity works, that excuse wouldn’t prevent him from falling to his death. The Laws of Wealth Accumulation work whether you use them consciously by design or unconsciously through ignorance.

Law is the process by which the un-manifest becomes manifest. It’s the process by which you attract money. It’s the process by which your dreams become physical reality. You don’t have to like the laws, but you do have to learn them.

The Laws of the Universe, such as laws of creation, cause and effect, attraction, and marketing are actually… divinity in motion. The word “affluence” means to “Go with the flow.” When  you understand these laws and apply them, you can manifest anything you want. The same laws that nature uses to create a tree can also bring about the creation of your own abundant holistic practice, a healthy body or your soul mate.

Your beliefs are creating your reality, and if you are resonating beliefs like…“I’m not smart enough, deserving enough; it’s not spiritual to make money; money is the root of all that is evil,” then that is exactly what you will be creating. Learn how to incorporate the Laws Of The Universe into your life call to schedule your consultation today.

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