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Understanding Money Mastery

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In the Gospel when Jesus said to go forth and prosper, I don’t believe He meant for me to go out and collect as many consumer goods as possible or to build a few more shopping malls. What I believe He meant was for me to earn enough money to have the resources to create prosperous “Spirit First.” relationships, healthy bodies and serene minds.

Whether I have a lot or a little, money talk is perceived as deeply personal talk.  According  to William G Herron, Ph.D., the author of Money Matters, “I am taught that revealing financial information about myself is exposing myself.” Our money issues, however, remain largely shrouded in personal privacy. A recent study of 2,000 working Americans (men and women of all ages and income brackets), conducted by Princeton sociology professor Robert Wuthnow, Ph.D., reported that most people flatly declared “no” when asked if they ever discuss their finances with friends or family.

When I avoid talking about money, I am cheating myself. My unwillingness to talk through my own and other people’s money fears has its costs. Who is talking about money to the conflicted mother when she is deciding whether she should quit her job and stay at home with young children? Who is talking to the new holistic practitioner about how to market his or her new practice? Who is giving the welfare parent the financial education that he or she needs to get a good paying job?

I’ve learned while teaching that money can be a hot, tricky  topic, and for many people it is even more intimate than talking about sex. But without ever mentioning numbers, I can discuss money and my values with people I trust in ways that invite me into new and healthy viewpoints about one of life’s most challenging issues.  According to Rosemary Williams, executive director of the Women’s Perspective (a national nonprofit organization that provides non-denominational workshops on reconciling money with spirituality), attendees at her workshops are almost invariably transformed in some way by sharing their money stories. “It can be the opening of a window, or the opening of a floodgate,” she says.  “But it is always light that comes through.”

In James Allen’s book, As a Man Thinketh, he states, “Every man is where he is by the law of his being; the thoughts which he has built into his character have brought him there, and in the arrangement of his life there is no element of chance, but all is the result of a law which cannot err.”

What Mr. Allen is sharing with me is that I am completely responsible for every aspect of my life and that I create my circumstances by the thoughts I allow myself to think. My thoughts create my life. If I accept complete responsibility for all of my conditions, then I can no longer blame my parents, husband, wife, kids, dog, priest, broker or God for anything. I can no longer hate people for anything they have done to me because I co-created it. 

I cannot plant sunflower seeds and expect to harvest watermelons. I cannot think negative, dis-empowering thoughts and expect to live a life of plenty. However, if I know that by planting specific seeds I will reap a particular crop, I can learn to plant only that which I wish to reap.  I can learn to think thoughts that will enrich my life.

Accepting full responsibility for my conditions miraculously transforms me when I internalize and emotionalize this responsibility.  This acceptance allows me to change my thoughts, and in so doing I can change the very substance of my life. If I believe that I have created the present by what I thought about in the past, then in the present I can create the future.

If I wish to create the kinds of thoughts that will pull me out of my financial limitations, I must be willing to separate myself from anyone who tells me that my glass is always half empty. Only then can I begin working on filling my financial cup, and happily surrender my financial desires to my inner Self. Learn more about money mastery, and how to implement steps to improve your financial status utilizing the process of awareness/consciousness. Call to schedule your consultation today.

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