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The Language Of Feelings

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The Language of Feelings is the language of my intuitive Self! My heart feels the intuitive messages that are sent to me by Spirit. My uncomfortable feelings are messages that I am out of harmony with my Self. When I resist, repress, or deny my feelings, I disconnect myself from my Self. Since the average emotional age of the adults in the US is only fourteen, and since most fourteen year old have not mastered how to communicate their feelings, most of us have modeled caretakers who never learned how to maturely communicate how they feel.

The Language of Feelings is Yin energy. My experiences have taught me that the majority of us are disconnected from, and are resistant to, reconnecting with our Yin or feeling energy. Yin energy is the nurturing, intuitive, sensitive energy that all humans possess.

I thank God that at least sometimes our society rewards women for displaying their feelings. In the book, Women and Their Emotions, author Miriam Neff states that, “There’s something to be gained from a women’s perspective on feelings. Women’s feelings are typically more intense than a man’s.” Dr. Elaine Aron supports Neff’s viewpoint about women’s heightened emotional intensity in her book, The Highly Sensitive Person. Dr. Aron notes that twenty percent of the population possesses highly sensitive nervous systems and that ninety percent of these highly sensitive persons are women.

In general, our society rewards us for suppressing our feelings. As a result, we “think” that we have little incentive or motivation to learn how to feel our feelings. This is no surprise, because we are taught that feelings have nothing to do with success. In fact, in some instances our Western society teaches us that feelings can actually hinder success. Our Spiritual Distinction Meditation is an excellent exercise to help you reawaken your ability to feel what your intuitive heart is trying to tell you.

Feelings Are Neither Right Nor Wrong – They Just Are

My feelings are messages sent to me by my Self to help me feel my way through life. As I learn how to interpret the Language of Feelings, I will begin to feel my healing feelings, which will help me to row my boat serenely down the stream of life.

When my Self sends me an intuitive message, such as frustration, it’s trying to communicate to me that something I am doing (or not doing) is out of harmony with my spiritual purpose for living (my Dharma). If I try to THINK about what I am FEELING, I will simply pull up my history software from my mind. My mind is a quagmire of recorded thoughts from my personal history. In an attempt to feel safe, sane, or secure, my mind will remember similar situations from my past. Therefore, if my past relationships were filled with heartbreak, then my mind, in an attempt to keep me from re-experiencing pain, will create any evidence that my ego needs to believe that my new relationship will also cause me pain.

To learn more about the The Language Of Feelings process, and how to be fully present in the now call to schedule your consultation today.

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