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Is Your Ego-Mind Your Master?

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Your Ego-Mind makes a wonderful servant, but a poor master.

The human school has a beautiful system of balance created between the SELF and the EGO- MIND. My Ego-Mind is my instrument of separateness. My Self is my vehicle of unity. This transformational paradox creates a very profound polarity between my Ego-Mind and my Self. It manifests as a creative tension in which the ego tries to preserve my separateness, while the Self tries to merge into the unity of all things.

My Ego-Mind isn’t good or bad, right or wrong. It is just the software that my Self uses to create the human identities that enable me to function on the earth plane. My ego is a survival mechanism that has been evolving for millions of years. Ego transcendence can be quite a challenge because my ego’s primary purpose is to keep me safe, sane, and secure. That’s why psychologists call them ego… DEFENSES.

My Ego-Mind acts like a defense attorney who is being paid to supply me with any evidence that I need to keep my psyche convinced that all my actions are justified. My Ego-Mind will do anything to keep me from experiencing something that it THINKS might harm me. If necessary, it will create false, half true, or imaginary illusions to keep my psyche safe from what it perceives to be harmful. The ego rationalizes my experiences, and the word rationalizes” means rational lies. I buy my own rational lies in an attempt to feel safe.

I  am a SPIRIT that is having a human experience. I have created human identities like mother, daughter, and holistic practitioner to function on the earth plane. Most people think that they are their thoughts and identify themselves as their thoughts to the point that if they think sad thoughts they feel sad, and if they think glad thoughts they feel glad. Again, this is not the truth, it is merely an illusion created by my ego because… “I have thoughts, but I am not my thoughts; I am SPIRIT.”


When I focus my mind on worldly objects, I will obtain what is outside of me. When I focus my mind inward with meditation and prayer, I will discover my real Self. My Self is the source of the life force energy that makes my heart beat, my eyes see, and my lungs breathe.

My mind produces an endless series of thoughts like a twenty-four-hour radio station that never goes off the air. The human challenge is to learn how to observe the difference between the thoughts that I think and the LANGUAGE OF FEELINGS of my intuitive Self. Meditating regularly will train me to feel the difference between my Spirit and Ego-Mind. Many people erroneously think that the purpose of meditation is to shut off their thoughts.

The mind cannot be shut off. However, it can be quieted, observed, and witnessed. By practicing the Spiritual Distinction Meditation I will develop my ability to distinguish between my Self and my mind. My ego is fear-based and therefore it needs to be in control to feel safe. My ego is quite adept at making me believe that it is my intuitive Spirit. It does this by whispering thoughts in my ear like, “Hey listen to me… I’m your intuitive Spirit.” To learn more about the ego mind, and how to be the master of my mind call to schedule my consultation today.

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