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Holistic Forgiveness is a Self-protection mechanism because it releases me from the blame, shame victim game. Until I am willing to consciously detach from the emotional toxicity left by my trespassers, I will stop the natural flow of prosperity, love and abundance from coming into my life! Forgiveness occurs when I am ready to release myself from the past.

Forgiveness means to accept unconditionally that what happened happened to me, and my opinion that it was right or wrong, good or bad, does not serve me well. My opinion about what happened only ACTS to hold my old “painful feelings” to me, causing me to re-live them over and over again; this is why I ask myself over and over again… “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME….AGAIN!?” My tribal consciousness (family) makes it even more difficult to forgive someone because it demands justice if I believe I have been wronged.

I use up enormous amounts of energy holding onto my old anger, fear, shame and sadness! This weakens me and makes me more susceptible to illness and de-pression. I need to let go of my past hurts and live in the present moment. “To forgive is to set the prisoner free, and then discover the prisoner was me.” This does not mean that I am condoning what happened, only that I refuse to accept it as a toxic influence in my life. If you feel that you have been betrayed or violated in some way I want you to try to detach enough to see that this is just your opinion and your opinion is simply a judgment of what happened.

It really isn’t my job to determine justice and retribution for past hurts. This must be left up to Divine Justice, which is based on the LAW of SOWING AND REAPING! Divine Justice is not as punitive as human justice… Thank you God! What I need to do is to “let go and let God” so that I can get on with my life. “Forgiveness needs to be studied, practiced and emotionalized just like any other behavioral skill that I want to master!” When I am unwilling to “forgive my trespassers” I project negative, hateful, angry feelings and in so doing… I lose energy.

If I don’t learn how to “forgive my trespassers,” which means to release my Self from the toxicity of what happened, I will find that my life force energy will just keep draining away! Until I forgive “them” I will find it almost impossible to heal my mind or body. THE PURPOSE OF FORGIVENESS IS TO RELEASE ME FROM MY PAST! “OUR SESSIONS EMPOWER THE AWAKENED!” My undetached past could be inhibiting me from realizing my own divine potential. Until I unconditionally accept my past, it will inhibit me from living fully present in the NOW! To learn more about the forgiveness process, and how to be fully present in the now call to schedule your consultation today.

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