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First Party Communication

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First-party communication trains the feeling pathways of your brain to hear what you are vocalizing and/or sub-vocalizing. In Eastern philosophy they call this conscious listening the “witness” or the “observer” position. 

The ultimate benefit of staying in first-party communication is that it will help you stay awake  to your higher consciousness. After several months of practicing, this exercise will help you to intentionally identify your Self as the God-like being that you really are instead of what most of us have been programmed to falsely believe that we are—our roles, job titles and/or any other negative or positive conditioned behaviors or beliefs.

At the highest level of first-party communication you are consciously communicating with the awareness that what you are saying originates from “a knowing” that you are One with your inner God-Self. When you consciously do this, your subsequent actions indicate that  you believe you are “at cause” for what is, and what has been, manifested in your life.

To communicate at this level you will need to develop the habit of consciously adding a God- Self distinction phrase to your communications. This distinction phrase will help you separate your thoughts, feelings and behavior from your God-Self. A few examples of God-Self distinction phrases are: “My negative programming is bringing up so much fear for me that I am experiencing anger and feeling frightened about….” “My Ego-Mind had me stuck in my old fear-based thoughts all weekend over whether or not I should….”

Internalize… to internalize wisdom you must stay in first party. You must speak, write, feel and think in first party because it will force you to internalize all of the meta- knowledge that you have collected over the years.

Remember that you create thoughts, feelings and behaviors, but you aren’t your thoughts feelings or behaviors. You have a car, but you not your car. You live in a house, but you are not your house. You manifest feelings, but you are not your feelings. You perform positive and negative behaviors, but you are not your behaviors. You are an eternal life- force energy that we call Spirit, and it is this Spirit that is creating your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, but isn’t them. Learn more about how to apply first party communication, and make it a part of your daily consciousness call to schedule your consultation today.

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