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Conscious Creation Process

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The CONSCIOUS CREATION PROCESS is a series of specific actions that brings about an expected end result…my desires. It is through this series of specific spiritual exercises that I can manifest my desires. The Conscious Creation Process is based on the following hypothesis: Thoughts create feelings; feelings create actions; actions create habits; habits create beliefs; beliefs attract similar beliefs; similar beliefs form belief systems; belief systems create human identities; and it’s my human identities that create my reality.

The CONSCIOUS CREATION PROCESS is based on three LAWS of HEALING: First, nothing changes until it becomes what it is…Love. Second, no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time; therefore I am either resonating Love or Fear. And third, my beliefs create my reality. “Ask,” promised Jesus, “and it will be given to me.” -Matthew 7:7 I create from the unseen to the scene… from the invisible to the visible. What I see in front of me has no power over me because it is simply my old Karma running off. Most people think that they are their thoughts. I am not my thoughts. I am the creator of my thoughts, and therefore I am FREE to think any thoughts I want. I can choose to think thoughts of love, healing, and prosperity OR I can think thoughts of fear, lack, and dis-ease. This choice brings with it great personal responsibility, for I will experience the thoughts that I choose to think.

A HUMAN IDENTITY is composed of Spirit-Vision-Mind-Feelings-Body. A HUMAN IDENTITY is my “thoughts made manifest.” Most of my core human identities were programmed into me when I was a child. Therefore, as an adult, I will need to dis-create any identities that I feel don’t serve me well. 

THE CONSCIOUS CREATION PROCESS NEEDS BOTH A POSITIVE AND A NEGATIVE CHARGE OF ENERGY TO EXIST Life is composed of positive and negative charges of energy, from the smallest subatomic particle to our immense Sun. Depending on the context, humanity has a variety of terms to describe these contrasts of polar opposites. Batteries have positive and negative terminals. Eastern spiritual thought refers to the yin & yang energies of duality. Metaphysically we refer to contrasts as paradoxical. Religions impart a moral judgment and define them as good & evil. Emotionally we call them happy and sad. The medical institutions call them healthy and dis-eased. Conscious Creation needs both a positive and a negative charge of energy to manifest from the unseen world of Spirit, to the scene world of solid matter.


An exercise is a series of specific actions that brings about an expected end result. The unconscious exercise is a series of actions that helps me to realize how much of my programming is still unconscious. Learn how to create, and dis-create the things that don’t serve you well by tapping into your conscious, and unconscious beliefs. Call to schedule your consultation today.

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