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Self-parenting is… heart work. Self- parenting exercises are to help me fulfill my emotional dependency needs that were not met during my childhood. Emotional dependency needs are the intimacy, nurturing, unconditional love and boundary protection that a person needs in order to feel safe, sane, and secure in the world. Consciously fulfilling my emotional dependency needs will allow me to function in the world as an emotionally mature, highly functional adult. Self-parenting exercises take the concept of Self-nurturing from an abstract, hard-to-understand theoretical concept and breaks it down piece by piece into a step-by-step, easy-to-understand, specific set of emotionally Self-nurturing exercises. Self-parenting ...
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Understanding Money Mastery

In the Gospel when Jesus said to go forth and prosper, I don’t believe He meant for me to go out and collect as many consumer goods as possible or to build a few more shopping malls. What I believe He meant was for me to earn enough money to have the resources to create prosperous “Spirit First.” relationships, healthy bodies and serene minds. Whether I have a lot or a little, money talk is perceived as deeply personal talk.  According  to William G Herron, Ph.D., the author of Money Matters, “I am taught that revealing financial information about myself ...
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The Language Of Feelings

The Language of Feelings is the language of my intuitive Self! My heart feels the intuitive messages that are sent to me by Spirit. My uncomfortable feelings are messages that I am out of harmony with my Self. When I resist, repress, or deny my feelings, I disconnect myself from my Self. Since the average emotional age of the adults in the US is only fourteen, and since most fourteen year old have not mastered how to communicate their feelings, most of us have modeled caretakers who never learned how to maturely communicate how they feel. The Language of Feelings is Yin ...
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Is Your Ego-Mind Your Master?

Your Ego-Mind makes a wonderful servant, but a poor master. The human school has a beautiful system of balance created between the SELF and the EGO- MIND. My Ego-Mind is my instrument of separateness. My Self is my vehicle of unity. This transformational paradox creates a very profound polarity between my Ego-Mind and my Self. It manifests as a creative tension in which the ego tries to preserve my separateness, while the Self tries to merge into the unity of all things. My Ego-Mind isn’t good or bad, right or wrong. It is just the software that my Self uses ...
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First Party Communication

First-party communication trains the feeling pathways of your brain to hear what you are vocalizing and/or sub-vocalizing. In Eastern philosophy they call this conscious listening the “witness” or the “observer” position.  The ultimate benefit of staying in first-party communication is that it will help you stay awake  to your higher consciousness. After several months of practicing, this exercise will help you to intentionally identify your Self as the God-like being that you really are instead of what most of us have been programmed to falsely believe that we are—our roles, job titles and/or any other negative or positive conditioned behaviors ...
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